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Superior Paint Polishing Services
In Annandale VA

A great service to rejuvenate the paint to make it shine

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Remove The Paint Imperfections and Reveal The Gloss

Have you looked at your paint under the sun and saw a web of swirls scratches? These are called micro-scratches and that’s what hinders your car from shining.

How did they get there in the first place? The biggest culprit is usually improper washing and drying methods. Automatic car washes, using low-quality towels or wash mitts can all lead to abrading your paint and installing imperfections.


With our Level 2 paint polishing service, you can remove 60 to 80% of imperfections to reveal a great shine.

This is a great service for vehicles that want to restore their shine without going “all in” like we do with our Level 2 paint correction option.

Unlike our Wash & Wax service that can be done in just a few hours, our Level 1 polishing requires more time and energy to achieve the proper results. 

Our Paint Polishing Process:

Clean Wheels, Tires, & Fenders


Detail starts with a thorough cleaning of the wheel faces, wheel barrels, tires, and inner fender liner

Gentle Foam Hand Wash


Vehicle gets a thick layer of foam and a gentle hand wash (while we clean the jambs, gas cap, and remove bugs from paint)

Chemically Remove Iron Particles


To ensure a clean surface, we remove iron particles from your paint via a chemical decontamination

Clay Bar Treatment


The next step to a clean surface is a clay bar treatment to remove any remaining embedded dirt and debris (your paint will feel really smooth).

Tape Off Sensitive Areas


To decrease polish build up or staining, we'll tape off and protect any trim/chrome/sensitive areas

Polishing Phase (Polish)


The polish phase: Increase shine and clarity by polishing and removing the minor to medium imperfections in the paint.

Paint Wipe Down


To inspect true condition, we'll wipe down the paint to remove any leftover polish residue that can be hiding imperfections

Apply Paint Protection


Based on your choice of protection, we'll apply a wax, sealant, or a durable ceramic coating

Dress Tires, Plastic & Trim


To give the exterior an extra pop, most of the exterior plastic and trim will be dressed to an even black finish like the tires, fenders, and trim (it will not be greasy)

Clean Exterior Windows & Mirrors


We'll complete the detail with streak-free glass cleaning on all exterior surfaces

Final Touch Ups


We'll do a final inspection of all exterior surfaces and touch up any areas that need are attention

Based on the size, condition, and type of paint, the time it takes can greatly differ. Two same sized cars can get the same service but one takes 3 hours while the other takes 6 hours.

If you’re in need of a complete detail on the exterior and interior, a great add-on service is our Perfect Interior Package. You’ll feel like you have a brand-new car again.

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